Hi! Thanks for stopping by, it's so nice to have you here. I'm Lorina. Part time nurse, part time photographer, just living out her childhood dream of capturing life and love in sunny Brisbane, QLD!

So this is US. The crew I get to do life with! Devoted wife to the most adoring husband & mama to three little babes - and together we're raising our crazy three in a humble cottage by sea.

Most often found with a coffee in hand, a baby on my hip (if not mine, one of the many incredible children in my life), I have an affinity for strong coffee, an unhealthy obsession with hats & a passion for all things vintage. I feel most at home near the salty air, and you'll never find me far from an op-shop or rumbling through a garage sale!

I've been manifesting this little dream of mine since I was in high school, and my goal is simple - to capture your hearts and souls in a photograph. A tangible memory of a snapshot in time in this crazy ride we call life. Something for you, and your generations to come, to look back on. I hope to document your life, from Motherhood & beyond. To capture the raw, authentic and unique connections you hold between yourself and the crew you do life with. I want your children, and then your children's children, to look back at photo albums and see how much you lit up their little world, how much they loved you, and how fiercely you loved them in return. Because the primal connection between a parent and their child, is unlike anything else in this world.

So get comfy, take a look around and I'll be here if any questions arise.

Chat soon

Lorina x

Image by First Echo Photography